Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free DNS services review

Nowadays using of free services DNS became popular because the services given by registrars of domain names simply do not satisfy our requirements and frequently appear paid. This article is devoted the review of the most widespread Free DNS services in global network.

  1. - Absolutely free of charge new service including all that is necessary for the web designer nowadays. Today it is the best service from all given in global network. It is famous for reliability, working capacity, and presence of all necessary options. We will try to list all positive sides of service:

    The servers which serve NS-inquiries are placed on different continents.

    High-speed channels and powerful computers provide optimum system speed.

    IPv6 protocol is supported

    Easy and user-friendly control interface. Absolutely any user can use the service without any problems. Service is supported with a well-developed help and F.A.Q.

    E-mail Integration under your domain name with Gmail from Google. It is setting up with several clicks.

    The redirect (web-forwarding) system at your disposal as well. You can redirect all traffic from your domain. (moved temporarily/permanently)

    Internationality. Service is translated into different languages. The language quantity always increases. That allows using the service to people from different countries without misunderstanding.

    Service includes all standard utilities: WhoIs, Traceroute, Ping, Lookup, and also the interesting utility RBL-check which checks entered IP address for attached RBL filters, spam security filters.

    It should be noted that service is constantly improved according to clients needs.

  2. Xname.Org – Quite good free DNS service, is recommended for people who does not wish to spend the time with filling of various questionnaires during domain registration, and then to add special zones of domain names and want simply to register NS records.

    Editing of A, CNAME, MX records is also admissible.

    IPv6 is supported

  3. – Free DNS service, allows operating of all your domain’s records. Will serve for performance of daily web designer's problems.

    The servers which serve NS-inquiries are placed on different continents. It allows considerable speed increase of access to your website.

    The interface of NS records management and also other services are complicated for understanding.

    Complicated web forwarding setup procedure.

    Dynamic DNS service is supported

    IPv6 is not supported.

  4. – Easy in use, conditional-free DNS service includes all modern DNS features. Interface language – English.

    Comfortable management. User-friendly NS-records management

    Powerful servers located on the USA and Europe territory.

    Web forwarding (redirect) services (Conditional free service)

    E-mail forwarding, for example from to your G-mail mailbox from Google (Conditional free service)

    Limited quantity of domain names.

  5. – Free of charge DNS service, allows temporarily parking of your domain. For example if you register new domain name and for this time you don’t have DNS to which it is possible to attach it (the most registrars require entering minimum two NS records). You can bravely enter following server names and as your DNS servers.

    You can use this service only for parking your domain. Service doesn’t offer any possibilities to manage NS records. It just automatically park your domain and give corresponding message in cases of data requesting from it.

  6. – DNS service offers Dynamic DNS services. The main feature of service is to attach third level domain name to specified IP address. For example you want to use your personal as own hosting server but you have dynamic IP address which changes each time to connect to the internet. This service helps you to solve this problem.

    Ease in use

    Ability of automatic IP address updating with help of special DynDNS Updater utility.

    Ability to choose subdomain for your IP from the list.

    You can use this service only as Dynamic DNS. Service doesn’t allow any work with different records of your second level domain name.

  7. – Includes excellent free DNS service. Services of web forwarding, e-mail forwarding, management of NS, A, CNAME, MX records.

    Unique minus which is evident - low speed of work because of the big loading on a server. Because of a large users quantity server simply do not consult with all NS inquiries. Also on service were too confused navigation and so friendly interface has not been noticed.